TELL THE STORY:  Every organization has a story and a message to tell. It doesn't matter if you're a big company like Medtronic or a small private school. Your story and message is unique and special.  And, when it is told in a compelling and dynamic way, it can move and inspire your audience to action.  

IDENTIFY THE AUDIENCE:  The audience for your story might be existing customers, your sales force within the company, your constituents or perhaps new prospects.  In some cases, the audience could be you - as you work toward training your people or inspiring them to action.  Maybe the story isn't about you at all. It's about someone else and their needs. If you're a non-profit organization, telling your story is often really about telling the story of those you seek to help.

WORK TOGETHER:  Our team works collaboratively with our clients and help them identify, construct and tell their story.  Absolutely, we have the latest high definition digital video equipment, but they are just tools.  It takes experience and expertise to operate and provide you with the best video you are paying to produce.

INTERNET CANVAS:  The internet has created a new and easier way of transferring and watching videos for all of us.  It is said that by 2014, 80% of all internet activity will be video related.  Amazing!  And, producing in full HD resolution along with the ability to distribute in HD, has positioned our projects to another level.

THE DFP TEAM:  No question, it's teamwork that makes a great production.  When budget allows, Dan brings to the table, talented associates to collaborate and add production value, such as Steadicam and Jib operators.  Our team shoots on Sony XDCAM EX and edits on Apple Final Cut Pro.  

Corporate Event Opening

Corporate Event Vignette

International School Promotional

Corporate Introduction Vignette

Corporate Stand Up

Motion Graphics Sizzle Reel

Corporate Informational

School and Church Capital Campaign

School Campaign

Owner Training