What is an Event Production?

An Event Production is a custom stage, along with the content management and AV services for the event general sessions.  Producing a large event, such as a national sales meeting, comes with a unique and complex set of challenges.  As an independent and experienced producer, Dan Frazier provides exceptional organizational skills and leads the best selected team to handle every detail of your event.


  • Managing and producing every detail of the Stage Production
  • Theme development for the event
  • Stage design and CAD drawings
  • Site-visit and coordination with the hotel event coordinators
  • Producing content videos for the event
  • Lighting, audio and video production planning
  • Power requirements and rigging management
  • Providing the hotel or venue with production insurance
  • Contracting and managing all production vendors
  • Brokering favorable rates when negotiating labor rates and local unions
  • Managing the on-site production crew
  • Recording the event and providing post-event videos

Whether a small corporate meeting, or a large national event - let Dan Frazier produce and manage your Stage Production.  An event that is exciting, educational and a different custom look and feel every time.


Large Stage Meetings

Small Stage Meetings