Dan has been a still photographer and videographer most of his life, but professionally for over 25 years.  His passion can be summed up in one word, "lighting."  It's all about the lighting.  Starting out on medium format portrait cameras and shooting transparencies for corporations, built a base of knowledge and exerience for shooting in the digital world.  In video production, DFP shot for 20 years on broadcast Betacam SP and DVCAM.  

Today, Dan shoots with the latest digital still cameras and with Sony XDCAM EX high definition camcorders.  Since lighting is his passion, the DFP lighting system includes ARRI tungsten and the latest LED kits.  But like all tools of the trade, it's how you use them that counts.  It's also teamwork that makes a great production.  When budget allows, Dan brings to the table, talented associates to collaborate and add production value.

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